HCG Diet

What Is HCG?

HCG refers to the human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a non-gender specific hormone found in the body. In an indirect way via the anterior pituitary, HCG regulates menstruation and facilitates conception, but it never masculinizes a woman or feminizes a man. When using HCG for weight loss and other therapeutic benefits, the biochemical mechanism is as follows: At the base of our brains is a small, nut-sized gland known as the hypothalamus.  This gland regulates our overall metabolism. HCG works with the hypothalamus in such a way that when calorie intake is cut, our bodies are forced to make up the difference by consuming fat stores.  This allows the body to aggressively burn fat while sparing muscle and not harming metabolism.


What Is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a 30-day protocol that administers a daily HCG injection in conjunction with a low calorie, lean and clean diet.  Participants adhere to a specific list of foods/beverages. Participants can continue to exercise and increase calories consumed to make up for the calorie burn from it. The protocol begins with a week of Prep and then 30 Days of HCG protocol adherence followed by a guided transition into a lifestyle nutrition approach.


Preparing the body for the HCG diet is a good idea for anyone who is currently consuming a high sugar/carb diet and will be making some drastic dietary changes on the plan.  The purpose of prep week is to help the body get off sugars gently and to support fat-burning mode. During prep week you will eat low carb, high healthy fats and cut out sugars and starches.

30 Days of HCG

After prep week, the 30-Day HCG protocol begins and is adhered to for 30 days. We include an HCG guide with a food list, meal plan, FAQ’s and Tips and Tricks to help you successfully navigate the protocol based off of each participants individual needs.


Transition off of HCG

At this stage, you stop the intake of HCG while gradually increasing your food intake. You will continue to keep out processed inflammatory foods such as simple sugars and starches.  Your Nutritionist will help you decide what is the best next step so that you can transition back into healthy lifestyle nutrition, maintain your weight loss and continue to progress with your health goals.

HCG and Weight Loss

With total HCG compliance, you can typically expect to lose between .5-1lbs per day. If weight loss stalls, contact your Nutritionist. Your dosage might need a little adjusting. If you do not lose weight on the HCG diet despite strict adherence, there is likely a deeper root cause dysfunction going on that needs to be addressed.


HCG Diet and additional Therapeutic Benefits

In addition to rapid weight loss, you can expect to experience some other positive benefits as well. Some of these additional therapeutic benefits include decreased insulin resistance, hormone balancing effect, decreased inflammation, decreased oxidative stress, improved digestion, increased energy, improved mental clarity and memory to name a few!



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