Gonadorelin – Is This a Superior Alternative for HCG?

In recent years, Gonadorelin has been prescribed to many patients in place of HCG. Continue reading to find out why and how to get your own prescription for Gonadorelin.

HCG – Its Use and Function

Most people who've been on (HRT) hormone replacement therapy or have used PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) know about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, more commonly known as HCG. Simply put, HCG mimics the effects of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn essentially “tricks” your body into producing more testosterone.

Although HCG was designed to induce fertility in women, men use it as a way of getting the testes “up and running” once they've been shut down. For this reason, HCG is used in men for three specific purposes:

  1. As with women, it may increase fertility in men as well.
  2. It's also used by those who do steroid cycles to bring the testicles back to size since they may atrophy after extended steroid use.
  3. It's also used for men on HRT.

Although HCG cannot be used indefinitely, the occasional boost in natural testosterone production has its benefits for those dependent on an external source of androgen.

A New Entry For Gonadotropin Release

Another testosterone stimulating compound is Gonadorelin and it works similarly to HCG. Although it isn’t as well known, in some ways it may very well be preferable.

Gonadorelin is a synthetic gonadotropin releasing hormone that, like HCG, increases luteinizing hormone (LH), but also activates follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which is something HCG does not do. Gonadorelin does so by stimulating the pituitary gland which is vital in the manufacturing of testosterone in the testicles. That stimulation provides a “double kick” in regard to potential testosterone production which replicates what occurs during puberty when the body is at its height in regard to secretion of hormones for growth and sexual development. In doing so, Gonadorelin can reverse testicular atrophy and even increase seminal volume – which would be considered a huge advantage to a lot of men.

The reason Gonadotropin is less known is that it has been used mostly to “test” how well the pituitary and hypothalamus are working in cases where women are experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles. Yet, the fact that it also works like HCG to increase androgen production is becoming something that is of considerable interest in the field of male HRT and life extension. The one area where HCG has a slight advantage is that it has the odd side effect of spurring weight loss; whereas, Gonadorelin doesn’t seem to share that component.

Making a Comparison

As is the case with HCG, Gonadorelin is not meant as a substitute for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or for nonstop usage. Its overuse can lead to a suppression of the Leydig cells, which function by producing testosterone in the testicles leading to more suppression. However, this may not be of much concern to those on TRT since after being on TRT for a year or so, it’s unlikely that they will be producing any testosterone on their own. There is however the additional risk of affecting future fertility. For cosmetic purposes (to counteract testicular atrophy), Gonadorelin is best used in intermittent phases, but it’s also extremely effective when additional sperm count is desirable; such as, if a man has been on TRT for years, but still wants to have children.

Your next step to get Gonadorelin

Much like HCG, there is some controversy as to how and when Gonadorelin is best utilized. Some guys like to use HCG to get the body producing its own testosterone after a steroid cycle and, in that regard, Gonadorelin would work just as well. Then again, there are those who reject the use of a gonadotropin post cycle, but much of this is speculative, or what has become known as “bro-science.” Yet for men on TRT, Gonadorelin is becoming a popular choice as an adjunct supplement to their standard HRT.

If you think Gonadorelin might be a good choice for you, speak to our qualified professional Hormone Specialist. Many endocrinologists are still woefully unaware of male HRT, so be sure to contact us to discuss whether you think it’s right for you. We understand your needs and will provide you with the proper options to best meet your goals.


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